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Broadway on Broadway

Hey everybody!! I hope you are having a kick ass summer!! Well, I jsut wanted to post this before I forgot.

Every September, Tiems Square in NYC clsoes down for a day and there is a FREE concert/show. Its a day when cast members from all of the major Broadway shows sing a sone or two from each of the shows and it is freaking AWESOME! I went last year and had a ton of fun! its a great preview of the new shows and old shows with new actors, and the tried and true favorites in general! Get there early-ish to get a good standing spot, bring a camera, and bring water and sunbloock if its sunny. ANd how better to spend hte rest of your day after the concert than hanging around and maybe putting your name in a lottery drawing at RENT, Wicked, Hairspray, or Avenue Q? And if you don't get in that way, there is always TKTS.

So, fellow theater people, I ask you, what else are you goign to be doing on September 18th? Its a Sunday...and I'm sure soem of you will have rehearsal, but everyone else? Gett your asses to NYC for the day! For more info go to http://www.broadwayonbroadway.com/about.html and if you have any questions about loteries, the show itself, or the cheepest ways to get to the city for the day (I recomend the comuter line from CT), leave a comment.

So come on people! Go to NYC! Have fun and tell me all about it! I wish I could go, but I won't be around next semester (I'm workign in Disney World!).

Have an awesoem summer everyone! And I'll see you all Spring semester!
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