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ok ladies, so here's the deal.

I got comments with replies, gracias. I also got some facebook replies, for those that got my email.

The party is is MONDAY march 28th "starting" at 8:30, but we are going to wait til 9 to really start...we all know you guys need a grace period to get places, you're not alone- I am the queen of fashionably way late.

I know some people, not me obviously, get a little squeamish about the world of vaginas, but if you're feeling that way- I have to tell you, this company is about way more than that. They have TONS of beauty spa products (ask me or erin olson about them, I have tons already), and everything is shown to you in a very docile yet fun way.

It's going to be held in the Main Social Room of my apartment complex. To get there from campus, take 138 to the rt1 intersection (where the mobil is) make a RIGHT onto Rt 1. Follow that down 2 lights ( I think), and you'll see SOUTH COUNTY COMMONS on your right. PS- This is also where a movie theatre and Applebee's is, so don't get confused. Make a right into there, make a right at Applebees, and then go straight and there is a pretty building right in front of you. To the left of the main door there is a side door that I will prop open. Go in there!

If you could bring a snack or soda item, that would rock. and BYOB if you so choose...and SINCE I WILL FINALLY BE 21 THE WEEKEND BEFORE! I will gladly take your money and go get you some. Speaking of money- bring your checkbooks, cash, or credit card if you want to place an order (which you totally should, they have great stuff)

I'm wearing my pajamas to this- since we are talking about bedroom fun here, so feel free to wear yours too.

anymore questions? comment here or IM me at "My Aim is Truest"
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